Eye stroke treatment

Eye stroke is one of the conditions that appear quietly and develop immediately. It is a dangerous situation, which requires high levels of caution. People with particular susceptibility are its most likely victims. An unhealthy life is often its requisite. Eye stroke is a condition that occurs when troubles in vision are caused by occlusions within blood vessels. Distorted or decreased vision is the result. The size and location of the problem determine the severity of vision loss. Eye stroke treatment based on internal or external influences needs to be performed as soon as possible when this condition displays the first symptoms. Although it does not emit pain, it should constantly be followed. The stroke most tragically ending is permanent blindness.

localizing the problem

Although the problem emanates from a stroke in the eye orbit, strokes that attack other parts of the body may cause the same problem to the eyes. The brain is also exposed to damage. The blood flow to the tissues, which appear in the front of the optic nerve, is blocked or reduced and so partial or total vision loss occurs. It is often emphasized through waking in the morning with a leak of view. Even a shadow in the vision is a symptom. Since it happens with no previous signs, it is not painful. Eye stroke treatment should be oriented in localizing the center of the problem and healing its results.

Eye stroke treatment

The treatment for eye strokes must follow the risk factors. Controlling the high blood pressure is the first step in eye stroke treatment. Arteriosclerosis should also be maintained neutral. Obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, drinking alcohol, diabetes and many others are eye stroke risk factors. The treatment requires keeping an average level of these risk factors in the body and excluding some of them from usage if necessary. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol may not be easy but is possible. Controlling the weight is possible with a healthy diet plan. Keeping the heart active requires reducing the stress situations and also some foods that may be harmful. Additionally, the intake of some medications might be a wrong step. Drugs may be prescribed when an eye stroke takes place. The medical support is very important in the treatment. The doctor might help immediately when the stroke occurs and prevent permanent vision loss.

Healthy diet in eye stroke treatment

The strongest fight against any health disease comes from inside. A high immunity level is a critical tool in fast recovery. Eye stroke treatment requires quality food input. The food consumption should be based on antioxidants. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains together create the basis for the prevention of free radicals movement. Dietary fibers contained in these foods help the maintenance of healthy body weight. That balance is also a crucial factor, as well as keeping the normal blood pressure levels. Green banana, avocado, yogurt, dark chocolate, and red wine are the basic foods in keeping the blood pressure lower. Fat intake should be minimized and replaced with much healthier cooked meals.