Chronic Dry Eye Treatment

Tears have a huge role in the protection of the eyes. In fact, tears protect the eye from an eye infection, wash away dust and other objects and provide many other functions such as moisture, lubrication, nutrients supply and more. When the tears are insufficient to do all these things, a major problem may occur such as dry eyes. The eyes may become inflamed, irritated and at the same time unable to provide the basic protection. Due to different reasons, dry eye may be a chronic problem. Many people suffer from chronic dry eye and once the first symptoms appear it is recommended to contact a healthcare provider. Chronic dry eye treatment will be prescribed right after few examinations and chronic dry eye diagnosis.

Causes and symptoms

The leading cause of chronic dry eye is age. When people get older, they can develop a medical condition such as chronic dry eye because the eye tears and moisture are significantly reduced. Another great cause of chronic dry eye is the quality of the tears. In fact, tears are a mixture of water, fatty oils, and mucus, so problems with one of these ingredients may require a chronic dry eye treatment from a healthcare provider. Furthermore, it can be caused by tear gland damage, inappropriate medications, and drugs, laser surgery or something else. The symptoms that may occur could be presented in the form of burning or scratchy sensations, irritation on the wind, sensitivity, fatigue, blurred vision and more.

When to see a doctor?

Chronic dry eye is not a life-threatening condition, but it requires an immediate chronic dry eye treatment from a specialist. Once the first symptoms occur, it is possible to go away for a while, but if the symptoms continue to bother you for a few days, it is time to see a doctor. Prolonged signs may include eye pain, tiredness, and irritated eyes as well as discomfort. Usually, medical conditions such this one do not cause serious problems, but there could be several complications if healthcare is no provided right on time. After various eye exams, the specialist will determine the nature of the problem and will prescribe a therapy according to the results.

How to prevent it?

Chronic dry eye treatment may include various methods depending on the seriousness of the problem. Usually, people who develop low-level dry eye will be able to prevent themselves from further complications by using artificial eye drops. The eye drops are used to stimulate the tear function and can be found in the local pharmacies. Also, the treatment may include medications such as antibiotics and drugs, eye inserts and many others. The patient should continue with the prevention of dry eye even after the treatment. That means lifestyle changes should be made especially in the diet. Also, the patient should avoid long sitting in front of a computer or TV because these two things are potential threats for developing a dry eye condition.

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